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Have peace of mind knowing that the best surgical techniques are being used to treat your skin cancer.

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Don't let skin cancer bring unnecessary stress.

We understand - not knowing if you have skin cancer or how dangerous it might be is scary. That's why we offer Mohs Surgery and everything else necessary to treat skin cancer, like pathology samples and review, all in one central location. 

We provide full peace of mind that your skin cancer is being assessed and treated by certified experts.

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Beautiful, healthy skin without the hassle or guesswork.

Complete Mohs Surgery


We’re a one-stop shop for Mohs Surgery and related services in Alpharetta, Georgia. From pathology tests to treatment, our team can do it all.

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We don't treat skin cancer with guesswork. Instead, we use the precise techniques of Mohs Surgery to provide you with full peace of mind.



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Our dermatologists are certified and have years of experience performing Mohs Surgery and related services.

The health of your skin is too important to trust to just anyone.

At the Dermatology & Surgery Specialists of North Atlanta (DESSNA), we have been providing clinically proven Mohs surgery and other treatments to the greater Alpharetta community for over 30 years. When it comes to having peace of mind with the health of your skin and body, you can trust the DESSNA team for results and expertise.

"Nothing less than WONDERFUL! Dr. Viscusi is so caring & has surrounded herself with an equally caring team. Absolutely love everyone that has had a part in Michael's care."

"Twice a year checkups after successful melanoma removal a few years ago. I always get first-rate care here. Chason Worthy makes me feel welcome and cared for."

"We love this practice. Our PA is Chason-Worthy and she always goes above and beyond to help our family with any skin problems we have. We have also used Berger and she is very helpful as well. I would fully recommend this practice."

"We like Dr. Ofodile a lot. She shows empathy and compassion during our visit and appears knowledgeable and professional. Excellent visit, and we highly recommend her."

"You're all very professional and experienced in the Art and fun to talk to while under the knife! Looking forward to seeing you again."

"Everyone I’ve dealt with at Dermatology Consultants has been so great and professional. It was my first time and they were very informative. Dr. Ofodile is amazing!"

The best Mohs Surgery available in greater Alpharetta

Proudly providing Mohs Surgery and other dermatology surgery services to Alpharetta for over 30 years, DESSNA provides expert dermatologic, surgical, cosmetic, and aesthetic services for patients of all ages and skin types. Achieving healthy, beautiful, and wrinkle-free skin has never been easier!

All of us wish we had smooth, flawless, glowing skin. 

But the truth is, that is pretty hard to attain. Most of us have scars, acne, blemishes, grease, or some other imperfection. And it can be hard to know what to do about these imperfections! 

Thankfully, DESSNA is here to help! We offer quality dermatology care, advice, and surgery for those in the Alpharetta, GA area. We want to give you the best possible care we can. We can give you good advice and help you come up with a treatment plan for your skin problems. 

Contact us today and start working toward that flawless skin! 

If you live in the Alpharetta, GA area, you are already familiar with the beauty and attractions that surround the area, a few of which include: 

  • Ameris Bank Amphitheatre
  • Wills Park 
  • Avalon
  • Big Creek Greenway 
  • Webb Bridge Park 
  • Rock Mill Park 
  • All Fired Up
  • North Park 
  • Cherry Street Brewing Company 
  • Mansel House and Gardens 
  • Alpharetta Walk of Memories 
  • Regal Avalon 
  • And more! 

Plus there are all the attractions of nearby Atlanta and Marietta. 

Alpharetta is a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan area and is located in northern Fulton County, GA. 

The area that is present-day Alpharetta was originally peopled by Cherokee Indians. The Cherokees in Georgia were forcibly relocated to Indian Territory in Oklahoma in the 1830s, and this made room for white settlers to move in. 

One of the first landmarks in the area was the New Prospect Campground, a Methodist camp ground near a natural spring, near present-day downtown Alpharetta. It served as a trading post in later years. 

The name Alpharetta has been conjectured to honor the fictional Indian girl Alfarata, from the song “The Blue Juniata.” However, it is more likely that it comes from two Greek words: “alpha” meaning “first” and “retta” meaning “town.” 

The Alpharetta homepage says describes the Alpharetta community like this: 

Alpharetta is a community with a character all its own. Part Southern, part cosmopolitan, but always down to earth and accessible. Whether you’re looking for a home for your business or yourself, you’ll find everything from tranquil street locations to high rises, from swim and tennis neighborhoods to wooded escapes. The people in our community come from all ages and backgrounds, but they all share a sense of excitement and expectation. Because there’s so much going on here, we invite you to explore our neighborhoods and become part of the character of Alpharetta.

If you live in Alpharetta and are looking for dermatology advice, give us a call here at DESSNA! We serve all zip codes and neighborhoods in Alpharetta, GA: 

30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30023 

Alpharetta, Alpha Park, Andover North 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

We offer Mohs Surgery to the greater North Atlanta area, including:

No matter your location in North Atlanta, we look forward to helping your whole family with our comprehensive dermatology services. Schedule your appointment today!

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FAQs About Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is considered the most effective technique for treating many basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs), the two most common types of skin cancer.

It is a surgical technique that uses progressive removal and examination of thin layers of cancer-containing skin to remove all the cancerous tissue without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

The procedure can also be called "Mohs Micrographic Surgery" where the procedure is done in stages, including lab work, while the patient waits. This allows the removal of all cancerous cells for the highest cure rate while sparing healthy tissue and leaving the smallest possible scar.

Local anesthetics can be used during the Mohs Surgery process. This means it is done on an outpatient basis, and patients can feel comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

“Slow” Mohs, like Mohs surgery, employs progressive removal of thin layers of tissue. In contrast to Mohs surgery, the samples are sent to a pathologist for overnight review as special staining of these cells is required. “Slow” Mohs is used primarily to treat malignant melanoma.

Mohs Surgery varies in length depending on the extent of the skin cancer. Expect to be at the clinic for several hours.

We understand that time is an investment the day of your surgery, so we do all pathology work in our on-site lab by our own team. You will leave knowing the margins are clear and all of the skin cancer has been removed.

Information courtesy of Dermatology & Surgery Specialists of North Atlanta (DESSNA), 4800 Olde Towne Pkwy, Suite 250, Marietta, GA 30068