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Earlobe Rejuvenation and Surgery

Wear your favorite earrings again.

Who doesn’t love their earrings? Unfortunately, as we mature the effects of time, gravity, and the occasional snags and pulls of daily life start to catch up with us. Some of our favorite accessories may be the culprit behind drooping, stretched, and sagging earlobes and earring holes. Fortunately, DESSNA offers a variety of earlobe treatments to get your earlobes back into shape again.

What is Earlobe Surgery?

Earlobe surgery is used to repair tears, splits, or sagging of one or both earlobes due to trauma or excessive stretching by large gauges and heavy jewelry. This minimally invasive procedure can restore a normal appearance by removing small areas of skin associated with partial splits and full tears, restoring the shape and size of your earlobes.

What is Earlobe Rejuvenation?

Earlobe rejuvenation uses dermal fillers to replenish volume and firmness to overstretched earlobes and to return enlarged ear piercing sites to their correct size. The natural blood vessel anatomy of earlobes is distinct from the blood vessel network present in the face, so treatment is simpler for this area as bruising and swelling are uncommon or minimal (if at all). Even better, the results are immediate and effective.

Just as with any surgical correction or dermal filler rejuvenation offered at DESSNA, our expert physicians and medical professionals are ready and available to offer treatments tailored to fit our patients’ unique needs – including their ears!

Say goodbye to droopy, saggy earlobes.

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